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User Guide of MTool Unlock

Does the iCloud Activation screen brick your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? The efficient and amazing MTool Unlock software will easily help you bypass iCloud activation lock and turn off Find My iPhone with no hassle.

How to Use MTool Unlock

Is there any way to bypass the activation lock screen on your device? Don’t know how to access your locked iDevice? Can I turn off Find My iPhone when forgetting password? Follow this guide to learn more about how to easily use MTool Unlock to bypass Apple activation lock, remove screen lock and disable Find My iPhone on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Step 1. Pay and run MTool Unlock V3.2.1 US $9.50

Pay and run MTool Unlock V3.2.1 US $9.50 / Support

Step 1: Unzip and Run MTool Unlock (Windows)

Download and install MTool Unlock on PC.

MTool Unlock

Step 2: Connect iDevice

Connect your iDevice with a lightning cable to your PC.

 connect idevice to iSalvor

Step 3: Bypass Activation Lock Screen

In the next window, you can see all your iDevice’s information is displayed in there. Check your device model, iOS version, IMEI, serial number and UDID before starting the bypass process Then , click the “Start Bypass” button.

(Note: Once the bypassing process is done, all features like Apple ID, iTunes ID, Apple Store and others are available It will work : phone calls, cellular, FaceTime, iMessage and iCloud of your new Apple ID.)

start to bypass activation lock screen

MTool Unlock will start to bypass the Apple activation lock screen immediately. The whole bypass process only takes a few seconds.

bypassing activation lock screen

Once it is done, a successfully bypassed window will display on your Mac or PC. That means the activation lock screen linked to the previous owner's Apple ID is bypassed successfully. Click the “Done” button to finish the whole process. You can now enjoy using your iDevice with a new Apple ID!

successfully bypassed

MTool Unlock solve these problems

MTool Unlock is an effective tool that will help you solve the problem of locked icloud, I will tell you in more detail which problems MTool Unlock will solve.

iCloud Activation Lock Screem or (Hello)

The Hello or iCloud activation Lock screen, It jumps when you restore or update a device, Now you do not have the associated apple iD and you will not be able to activate it, MTool Unlock can do a complete unlock in seconds, leaving the device fully functional..

Passcode or Disabled Mode

MTool Unlock will work if you forgot the Passcode or have your device in disabled mode...

iCloud OFF

MTool Unlock will turn off the associated icloud account as long as your device is in Passcode or Disabled mode..

wootechy isalvor select turn off fmi

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