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iLocked+ [2021] Full Review | Download | MTool Unlock

January 22, 2021

iLocked+ : With the arrival of iOS 14.3 apple has patched almost any method to unlock the iphone or ipad 100% successfully, currently iLocked+ is the only tool that works 100% for unlocking iphones or ipad.

Some software such as WipeLock, Doctor unlock, Ultfone, PcSuite or iMei Doctor They cannot successfully unlock the iPhones, they have become obsolete, they will lose the money, they never make a refund, I will make a list of what will stop working in your idevice if you use these softwares:

  • When you want to put  passcode it DOESN’T work
  • Face id does not work
  • MEID devices DO NOT WORK calls and cellular data
  • In some cases the notifications, Siri, app store and facetime do not work
  • No Carrier Unlock

Every time apple strengthens the security of each iphone or ipad device, for this reason the developers of tools that unlock iCloud thoroughly analyze the new iOS13, iOS14 to achieve an iCloud Bypass that works 100% on these devices.

People decide to use tools to unlock their iphone or ipad when they buy them stolen or second hand, in some cases they forget their apple iD email or password, contacting apple directly is difficult and in some cases they will help you only if you keep the Purchase invoice may reset your iPhone or iPad so you can activate it again.

Full review iLocked+ 2021 tool

iLocked+ is a leaked tools from the Gray Key team (also known as Grayshift MTool Unlock) are lock removal tools, which can remove iCloud activation locks, IMEI locks, carrier locks, and can repair iPhones that have been locked so that they are not lost or disabled.

Download iLoked+ $9.50 Download iLoked+ $9.50

There has been some discussion as to whether or not this tool is legitimate, if it works, and while it appears to be a straightforward solution, each of these points needs to be addressed.

Because this tool has so many features, it is incredibly useful to have. As an upcoming tool for iOS devices, this one has received a lot of attention recently and has been ranked as one of the best iCloud Activation Lock removal tools.

How to use iLocked+ ?

to start iLocked+ or Mtool Unlock are developed by the GrayShif team. The download of iLocked+ You can do it directly on the Official site, we analyze how it works and how to use it on an iPhone. The program itself is easy to use, you can unlock any iPhone with one click, you just have to connect the device by USB, wait for iLocked+ to recognize it and press the “iCloud Unlock” button.

Effective tutorial to unlock icloud account on any iphone or ipad 2021


  • Step 1 . Start by Download  iLocked+ or Unlock Mtool.
  • Step 2 . On your computer, download and run the iLocked+ or Mtool Unlock program and connect your iPhone.
  • Step 3 . After iLocked+ or Unlock Mtool has detected the iPhone, click the “Start” button.
  • Step 4 . Wait a few minutes and when the unlocking is finished, your iPhone will reboot.
  • Step 5. Confirm that iCloud unlocking was successful, and then sign in with another account.

Download iLoked+ $9.50 Download iLoked+ $9.50

Advantages of Using iLocked+

  • No need to Jailbreak

Does iLocked+ work?

On this website we have tested and confirmed the operation of the following tools to unlock iPhone or ipad with Passcode, Disabled or icloud activation Lock screen:

iBoxTool (Works 100%)
iBossTool (Works 100%)
iCloudin (Works 100%)
MTool Unlock (Works 100%)
iLocked + (Works 100%)

We reviewed and tested how effective iLocked+ worked with various iPhone models.

Additionally, these iPhones have been equipped with different versions of iOS to help us determine how the tool responds to different environments.

We can say with confidence that iLocked+ like the aforementioned tools works 100% on all devices, it worked even on the latest version of iOS 14.3, the tests that were done with iLocked+ were able to unlock with Passcode, icloud activation lock screen unlock and iPhone Disabled, With these 3 types of unlocking we can say that iLocked+ Works Perfectly, then I leave you the Official links of each of the mentioned tools.

Best tools to unlock icloud 2021

  • iBoxTool (Works 100%)
  • iBossTool (Works 100%)
  • iCloudin (Works 100%)
  • Unlock MTool (Works 100%)
  • iLocked+ (Works 100%)


Now that you know the truth about iLocked+, you will realize that it is an effective tool compared to unlocking services like AppleiPhoneUnlock and IMEIdotor, they are really very expensive compared to ilocked+ that you can download at a very low price.

Download iLoked+ $9.50 Download iLoked+ $9.50

iLocked+ makes the whole iCloud unlocking process much easier for all users, so we recommend that people use a service like the ones offered by iLocked+.

  • If you decide to use iLocked+ it will leave you a list of the main features.
  • Does not require Jailbreak
  • Works data and calls for MEID & GSM devices
  • It works Siri, Appstore, Notifications, even syncing with a new apple ID.

If you want more information, you can enter the following link

Download iLoked+ $9.50 Download iLoked+ $9.50